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Month: May 2013

What Cooking Taught Me That Made Me A Better Communicator

What Cooking Taught Me That Made Me A Better Communicator

It’s surprising sometimes, if you keep your mind open, how life all around you can teach you valuable lessons that can help you become a better person.

Recently I ran into a situation where I received a rather tough email requiring a reply. Frankly I wasn’t sure how best to reply to the email, how to address the concerns and more importantly, how I could help the sender without making them feel poorly about my guidance.

Yes, sometimes you do have to be tough in your emails and tough love does sometimes help, but this was not one of those cases. I needed to really be careful what I wrote and how I said it to effectively help and not turn this situation negatively.

No matter how hard I wracked my brain however, I just couldn’t formulate the reply in such a way that the needed guidance was provided without it sounding harsh and knowing that even I would not be happy if I received it.

And That’s Where Something I Learned From Cooking Helped Me Become A Better Communicator!

You see, if you are standing over the stove with all the burners going at the same time and the oven is baking something yummy too, it can get rather chaotic. This pot needs stirring, this pot needs more ingredients prepared, the yummies in the oven need to be turned over – aarrgh I need more arms  🙂

I am sure you know the feeling…

The best thing you can do at times is to turn some of those burners down to Simmer (low heat) while you get everything else done to ensure you can serve a wonderful and delicious meal.

And that’s exactly what I did with the email I was struggling to write….

I stepped away, worked on something different for a little while and then came back to it, essentially putting the email on Simmer for a bit.

This time I was able to craft a reply that delivered the guidance needed while not potentially causing hurt feelings. It was received in exactly the spirit I had hoped for and the recipient was thankful that I had been able to help give some advice that would assist.

Sometimes you just need to step away and then reapproach things you may be stuck on. The same thing applies to writing for example. When I wrote ‘Words Of Wisdom Worth A Second Thought‘ there were a couple of times where I just kept struggling to put the right words down that conveyed the message clearly and in a guiding fashion.

I had to step away, maybe go play with the kids for a little bit, read something different, just do anything that would take my mind off the problem at hand for a moment or two and then I was able to get right back to writing my book.

The Law Of Attraction also teaches us that when we are stuck, we start to focus more and more on the fact that we are stuck and not on the solution. By stating our intention to find a solution, focusing on what it will feel like with the problem solved (i.e. how much better my book will be once I have overcome this writer’s block) and then releasing that intention into the universe we allow the universe to help us find a solution.

Some schools of thought also talk about that at this point our subconscious takes over and helps to find the solution we are seeking.

So, the next time you are about to pull out your hair and just don’t know what you should do next, consider putting the issue on Simmer, step away and have fun for a little bit and then come back with a fresh and clear mind  🙂

Here’s to your success,

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When The Teacher Becomes The Student Once More

When The Teacher Becomes The Student Once More

Before I tell you more about my recent experience/realization, I want to apologize to you for having been so quiet of late. It was only today that I believe I had a breakthrough that helped me understand better what is happening and I feel it may not just explain my silence but be some helpful information for you too…

In January I took on a new task as the Manager of Professional Development in addition to my other coaching and writing aspects. In that time I also made a new commitment to myself and my family (although I temporarily have fallen with regards to my smoking, but that is (I DECLARE!) only temporary!!!).

I also began work on (a site dedicated to bring you the best news, articles and posts from some of the greatest coaches in the world, such as Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, John Maxwell and many more, especially as the site grows).

I just now had a light-bulb ‘AHA’ moment and realized that the coach, the teacher, has once more become the student….

Lately, I found myself wondering why I wasn’t writing as much as before. I felt a struggle internally and often would find many other things going on that appeared to be placed in my way to prevent me from sharing tips that can help you succeed and frankly it was becoming frustrating.

The more frustrated I became, the more it appeared I wasn’t getting anywhere even if I tried to focus. The words just wouldn’t flow and the tips and lessons were incomplete, half-hearted and confusing.

I bet you already know what happened next, don’t you?

Yep, I became even more frustrated. But  I also realized that something was going on and redirected my energies to understanding what was happening and finally, today, the message became clear to me during a conversation with a friend and mentor.

The Teacher Has Become The Student Once More!

I have been so focused on learning and growing that I have been absorbing everything. I have read many books, listened to many audios, watched many movies/lectures/seminars, you name it. I have once more become the sponge that absorbs all the knowledge and wisdom I can.

It has also led to some changes in the way I see certain things, not a change like a 180 degree turnaround, but rather the depth and understanding have grown.

Sure, I could have continued to write through all of this, and perhaps I should have shared what I was studying, but for some reason the universe appeared to want my full attention on my studies and I only just ‘clicked’ that it was happening today.

One of the big lessons I have learned recently I will share with you in my next post, but for now I invite you to share your own experiences where you had a sudden breakthrough or AHA moment in life or what you are currently studying to help yourself become a better person.

Here’s to your success,