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Month: January 2013

A Public Commitment To Myself, My Health and more for Myself, My Family and My Friends!

A Public Commitment To Myself, My Health and more for Myself, My Family and My Friends!

When I review my goals, plans and life I like to take time to make commitments toward achieving what I set out to accomplish. Most of the time that is a very quiet and silent event, just a conversation with the man in the mirror, but I wish to change that by publicly sharing some of the most important items (I’ll explain why in an upcoming post).

Thank you for sharing this time with me as you read my commitment and I hope it also inspires you to review your own goals and make your own commitments 🙂

With that said…

I Commit:

* I quit smoking ‘real’ cigarettes. I will continue to use my electronic cigarette and keep reducing nicotine levels and I will be done with this habit.

* I will lose weight. I have weighed in and set my own personal challenge that I will meet. I will lose weight sensibly and not overdo anything or act foolishly.

* I will eat better. Yes, better, not just healthier. It doesn’t matter how healthy you eat if you only eat once a day. I will go back to 5 or 6 mini-meals per day and that will also help my metabolism and weight.

* I will drink more water. I love my coffee and it’s ok to have some. It is not ok to just drink coffee all day and all night. My body needs water and drinking more water will help my weight goals and flush junk and toxins from my system.

* I will continue to learn, grow and work on my self-development. I commit to this growth so I can continue on my own journey as well as be able to help others succeed even more. I will complete my basic certification for Law Of Attraction Practitioner and other courses that will help.

* I will continue to work on living a healthier lifestyle, being more active and getting more rest. I will continue to work on my breathing exercises and meditations.

* I will continue to work on my communication skills improving my interactions with friends and family, primarily staying in touch more.

* I will continue to work on my relationships. I will remember to express my gratitude to those that impact my life.

To this and more I do commit myself and now the adventure can begin 🙂

Thank you again for sharing this commitment with me and I hope it perhaps also inspires you to re-commit to yourself!

Here’s to your success,

How To Get Things To Be Different!

How To Get Things To Be Different!

Every now and then we start wishing for things to be different in our lives.

Perhaps we wish for more money, more happiness, more peace in our troubled soul, a new car, the list goes on and on.

But is wishing really enough or is something a little more needed?

Thankfully, there is an answer. It’s a simple answer and yet carries nothing but truth…

“If you want things to be different, perhaps the answer is to become different yourself.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

Now that is simple, right?

Ok, so maybe it is a simple suggestion, but if you take the time to evaluate your life and the things you would like to change and then formulate your plan to attain those changes and finally, work that plan, then everything you desire can indeed be yours!

Here’s to your success,

Free Gift To Enrich Your Life and so much more!

Free Gift To Enrich Your Life and so much more!

I have a special gift for you today from my friend Tatyana Gann (and no, you don’t need to visit her site, optin and all that, you can download it directly from here)

Tatyana wrote an excellent book (PDF format) that will not only enrich your life while you read it, but will become a resource guide for an entire year for you.


This special, free gift contains 365 Daily Readings for Spiritual Guidance and Reflection from the writings of James Allen.

Beyond that however, not only will this awesome PDF give you that powerful lift each day and something to think about/reflect on, it also is a ton of valuable content which, as Tatyana put it is ready to upload into your favorite Auto-responder for a FULL YEAR of content; drip feed them from your blog and make money with Adsense; record them for daily podcasts — the choice is yours. Perfect for women’s interest sites, spiritual/religious sites, meditation sites, etc.

I don’t know about you, but I am always on the search for resources that will help me have an awesome and empowered day, but this guide also gives me more content I can share with you over the next year to help you succeed!

Enjoy Tatyana’s gift and download it directly by clicking here (opens in new window).

Here’s to your success,

P.s. Please help me spread the word about this awesome gift that will not only enrich your life but can also help you in so many other ways by telling your friends about it, please share this page. Thank you!



What bathing and motivation have in common according to Zig Ziglar

What bathing and motivation have in common according to Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar once said: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily”.

If you were fortunate enough to meet or learn from Zig Ziglar you know that he enjoyed quirky quotes like this but take a moment and think about it a little more and you will quickly discover how right he was by sharing this guidance.

There are many things that happen each and every day that threaten to throw us off our course to success.

You might get up in the morning, pumped up and ready to tackle the day, only to have one thing after another seemingly go wrong and threaten not only your motivation but to completely derail your plans for the day.

I don’t think getting motivated daily is even enough, I think that should be the base minimum.

Personally, I feel that we need to find ways to motivate ourselves all throughout each and every day!

It doesn’t even take that much to be honest. Don’t think that you will need to schedule an hour long motivational session three times a day for this prescription to help enrich your life and keep you motivated through the waves of life.

No, it can be as simple as the smile on a child’s face, that certain way your spouse flips her hair, the song of a beautiful bird greeting the morning sun…

There are tons of things all around us that can allow us in just a mere moment to feel thankful, re-energized and motivated again. You just have to be open to them and you will find yourself well protected against the trials of the day.

Here’s to your success,

P.s. If you enjoyed this post, please take a moment to add your comment, tell us about what helps you remain motivated each day and share this post with those it can benefit. Thank you!



The resource Professionals and Experts need to grow and expand their business

The resource Professionals and Experts need to grow and expand their business

Before I tell you more about this resource I want to make something very clear.

This is not for everyone!

Yes, I said it! You see, it saddens me to see products and training programs being promoted time and time again that are targeted to beginners or those who are aspiring in a certain field of endeavor. But when you review the guides you realize that only someone who has spent significant time learning and actually ‘doing’ can benefit from the resource being promoted.

Yes, I am going to tell you about a resource guide and yes, I think it is well worth your time to take a closer look at it and yes, in the interest of full disclosure, if you choose to get this resource to use as part of your success toolkit to grow and expand your business, I will receive some compensation (no, I did not create this resource).

Ok, we have all that out the way now, right?

I am serious when I say that this resource is not for everyone. After all, if you just came online because you heard that people are making serious incomes here, then you are not quite ready for it yet and I don’t want to waste your time.

Alright, I think that covers it.

So, what is this resource that Professionals and Experts need to grow and expand their business?

Simply put, it’s a Coaching Program! More importantly, it’s YOUR Coaching Program!

I have been fortunate to be able to help and assist small and large companies from around the world in a variety of areas as well as helping individuals struggling with a number of challenges. The one thing almost all of my clients had in common is that I worked with them using a specific methodology, my own step by step process if you will.

Using a process allowed me to help my clients while remaining flexible to their specific and individual needs.

If you are a professional or an expert in a certain topic area, then you can also create a coaching program to help others. Perhaps you want to help those aspiring to enter the field you are a topical expert on, or you may wish to assist those struggling or facing challenges in your chosen field of expertise.

There are many different ways you can help others succeed when you have YOUR OWN Coaching Program!

I would highly suggest you check out this resource today, but to help you even more, during the course of this next week I will share additional information, highlights and tips that you can use with YOUR OWN Coaching Program, so make sure you come back for those new posts designed to help you succeed with your coaching program!

Here’s to your success,

P.s. Check it all out now to get instant access to the entire course, including Flash Videos, MP3 Audios and PDF transcripts if you are an action taker and don’t want to wait all week for my additional tips, but even if you head there now, I still suggest you come back during the week  🙂


Something to think about… WHY? Why do you do what you do?

Something to think about… WHY? Why do you do what you do?

If you do a survey or ask people why they do what they do, all too often you will hear things such as:

  • I want to be rich
  • I want to be successful
  • I want to buy (whatever)
  • I want to be famous
    … and the list goes on and on!

Unfortunately, I don’t think that any of those examples are the right reason!

Yep, I think those reasons are all WRONG!!!

Personally, I do what I do because I want to help as many people as possible.

Sure, I’ve had tough times and massive challenges in my life, who hasn’t. But I’ve also been fortunate!

There is always something we can consider fortunate in our lives that we can be thankful for, no matter how big or how small. There will also be someone else who has it tougher than you do, that’s a fact.

So what is the right reason for doing what we do?

Well, only you can decide what the right reasons are for you….

Sorry to burst your bubble, I don’t have a magic formula to offer you, only something to think about.

I read a lot, every single day, and while some think all I read is Self Help, Self Improvement and Success material, I have to admit I still absolutely love to read fantasy novels. They are my way to transport myself into a different world and I always seek out those books and authors that allow me to picture the story in my mind’s eye.

Right now I am reading a novel called ‘The Fires of Affliction’ and in it three unlikely characters are thrust into adventure together. There’s a particular scene I feel sheds a very important light on the ‘Why’ question.

After a rather hair-raising experience, the three are in a rowboat, far out to see and one, a retired warrior who has numerous wounds yet will not stop rowing the boat even for a moment is asked by the surgeon ‘How do you do it’. The surgeon then continues asking the warrior how he continues to be able to row with all the pain he must surely be in only to be told that the question posed is not the right question. The warrior tells him: “How’s not the question. Ask me WHY I keep rowing. Go on, ask me.”

And the surgeon did ask…

Want to know what the retired warrior said who most definitely was in a lot of pain from all the wounds he had just received???

“For the people who need me,” the big man said. “That’s why.”

There you have it, simple and to the point!

This is right in line with my own ‘Why’. Helping others succeed!

Now please don’t get me wrong, I do desire success and what it can provide for myself and my family and all that I am able to do to help others. But that is not my driving passion, it is not my motivation.

I know that I can help others and I also know that the more people I can help, the more fulfilled my life will be and I also know, without a shadow of a doubt that the more people I help, the more it will come back to me in kind!

So with that said, I have to ask you, what is your ‘Why’?

Why do you do what you do?

Here’s to your success,

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Catapult Your Marketing Success With Joint Ventures – It is easier than you think!

Catapult Your Marketing Success With Joint Ventures – It is easier than you think!

By Xavier Nelson

There are many ways to make money on the internet. All methods however, come with a price-tag. For starters, you will probably need to purchase basic business software and relevant learning materials. Planning and developing your ideas will definitely require dedication and perseverance all along the way.

One of the best methods for getting started is to partner with other marketers so that you can reach larger target audiences.

These joint ventures or “JV’s” can take-on many different forms. Some are as simple as promoting each others newsletters, while others may be more complex partnerships with cross-promoting of complimentary products. Some JV’s even involve starting entirely new projects from scratch.

Joint Ventures are a powerful tool for expanding business in many areas. So, what is stopping ‘you’ from using this technique to expand your business?

For many new marketers, starting a JV can be a frightening task,especially when it comes to contacting other marketers. Too often, many marketers appear to be “spamming,” when they are really just seeking other JV partners.

Here are some tips that may help you along the way:

1. Get to know your potential JV partners.

If you start emailing everyone on your list of potential partners, chances are you will be considered a common spammer. You won’t get the partners you want, or even worse, may destroy your reputation in the process.

Instead, subscribe to your potential partner’s newsletter and check out their websites and blog. Get to know them a little bit before approaching them with a proposal.

2. Go slowly when approaching potential partners.

Let’s face it, everyone likes a little flattery. When contacting your potential JV partner, treat them like your “first date”. Be courteous and complimentary. Tell them the things you like about their business. Join their newsletter and tell them you think it is awesome, and why. You will be surprised at how much attention you receive by using a little well-placed flattery as you proceed to develop your relationships with potential JV partners.

3. Your financial estimates should always be realistic.

Don’t promise what you can’t deliver. Be honest with your potential partners. Explain your proposal and benefits in realistic terms, but don’t hype. Be honest, open and sincere.

Getting a Joint Venture off the ground doesn’t have to be scary if you start by following the three simple steps given above.

Get going and get growing today!

Here’s to your success,