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What Lao Tzu and Xavier said about love…

What Lao Tzu and Xavier said about love…

Love is definitely a strange thing. It makes us happy, it makes us sad, it drives us insane and calms us all at the same time.

“Love is a fickle thing at times, but when you have found true love it is something we cherish for all times. Like the beautiful flowers of a garden our love delights and brightens our day as well as energizes and strengthens us when times are toughest.” ~ Xavier T. Nelson

It is very true, no matter how tough times seem, having that special someone in our life, no matter how much they may drive us crazy (in that goofy, silly way) our relationships and the love care we have for each other make all the difference in the world.

“Because of a great love, one is courageous.” ~ Lao Tzu

When times are darkest, when life is throwing you curveballs and all may feel lost, your love for each other will guide you to where you need to be.

Reach out and say hello to those you love the most right now…

Here’s to your success,

Relationship Marketing – What exactly is that and how can it help my business?

Relationship Marketing – What exactly is that and how can it help my business?

You may have heard some business consultants or coaches talk about Relationship Marketing, but I also know a lot of people are not exactly sure what that is and more importantly how Relationship Marketing could help you not just grow your business, but retain more of your business.

So let’s take a quick look at it and demystify Relationship Marketing and get you on the right track to using this powerful method right away (I have even included a link below that will help you make it easy and very convenient for you to implement in your own business – actually, I am including a second link that you can use to add an additional revenue stream to your business  🙂 ).

According to Wikipedia Relationship Marketing is:

Relationship marketing was first defined as a form of marketing developed from direct response marketing campaigns which emphasizes customer retention and satisfaction, rather than a dominant focus on sales transactions.

As a practice, relationship marketing differs from other forms of marketing in that it recognizes the long term value of customer relationships and extends communication beyond intrusive advertising and sales promotional messages.

With the growth of the internet and mobile platforms, relationship marketing has continued to evolve and move forward as technology opens more collaborative and social communication channels. This includes tools for managing relationships with customers that goes beyond simple demographic and customer service data. Relationship marketing extends to include inbound marketing efforts, (a combination of search optimization and strategic content), PR, social media and application development. Relationship marketing is a broadly recognized, widely-implemented strategy for managing and nurturing a company’s interactions with clients and sales prospects. It also involves using technology to organize, synchronize business processes, (principally sales and marketing activities), and most importantly, automate those marketing and communication activities on concrete marketing sequences that could run in autopilot, (also known as marketing sequences). The overall goals are to find, attract and win new clients, nurture and retain those the company already has, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service. Once simply a label for a category of software tools, today, it generally denotes a company-wide business strategy embracing all client-facing departments and even beyond. When an implementation is effective, people, processes, and technology work in synergy to increase profitability, and reduce operational costs.

Now that’s a mouth-full to say the least, but if you read it carefully it does contain some really useful information.

The key to Relationship Marketing is customer retention, increased customer satisfaction and it can even be used to increase customer acquisition (getting more paying customers) as well as getting more referrals. There is nothing easier to grow your business than to get referrals from your existing, happy customers.

What it boils down to is STAYING IN TOUCH!!!

For example, I heard on a training seminar video about an insurance agent that doesn’t advertise, doesn’t do anything to grow his business but send birthday cards to his existing customers. Of course he also provides great service at great rates and follows that up with timely and excellent customer service, but aside from that he really doesn’t do anything. The thing is everyone likes to be acknowledged on their birthday (ok, there are some people that don’t lol, but you get my point). And he stays on his customer’s mind by staying in touch with his greeting cards. So when someone in their family or if a friend asks them about insurance or if someone they know is complaining about the service they are receiving, this insurance agent’s customers are more than happy to tell their family member about their agent and how he takes care of them.

Here’s a link to the service he uses to stay in touch with all of his customers….

But there are a lot of different ways to implement Relationship Marketing in your business and it doesn’t even have to be difficult. If you check out the link above, you’ll see how easy it can be (either watch the short video or test the service out yourself, there’s even a walkthrough for you – just click yes to see how easy it really is).

I even heard from a car dealer who uses this same service to stay in touch with prospects that haven’t quite made up their mind. What he does is while they are visiting he asks them if he could take a picture of them together with the car they are interested in and then a few days later he uses that picture as part of a greeting card (it’s pretty cool when you get a greeting card that even has a picture of you right on it) and asks them in the card if they have decided what color they’d like their new car in.

Do you think he gets people to follow up with him???? ABSOLUTELY!!!

Then there’s Willie Crawford…

Willie, as you may know is a very well established marketer, both online and offline. He’s also an author, very successful Joint Venture Broker and much more aside from being my friend and mentor. Willie uses this very same service to stay in touch with prospects, customers, well, anyone he wants to stay in touch with.

There’s a lot more to the service than meets the eye, just go watch the video or take the walkthrough to see how to send a card and you will see what I mean.

No matter how you decide to stay in touch with your customers, prospects or leads, make sure you do something to start implementing Relationship Marketing in your business today.

Here’s to your success,

P.s. Next time I might even tell you about the brownies you could send out to your prospects to MAKE SURE YOU GET THEIR ATTENTION!!!
In the meantime, go check out the short video and take the system for a test drive and check out the walkthrough

Are you saying Hello, How Are You, I Appreciate You, Thank You or I Love You Enough?

Are you saying Hello, How Are You, I Appreciate You, Thank You or I Love You Enough?

This doesn’t just apply to your personal life, but your business life as well, read on and you’ll see what I mean…

I have to admit I am GUILTY!!!

Ask anyone in my family and they will tell you that I have a serious problem with not staying in touch enough.

It’s always been that way and I don’t really know why and can’t really explain it. I AM GUILTY!

I remember even as a child, if my parents wanted me to send Thank You letters for gifts I received on my birthday or for Christmas, I always struggled trying to find the words, procrastinated like crazy and generally got in trouble for not getting it done.

Now, over the years I have gotten a little better about it, but frankly I am still not doing as much as I could to show my appreciation, that I care and that I am thankful.

And I seriously can’t explain it, after all, I love to write…

I am always working on getting better, after all self-development and continued striving for improvement is a key part of life and the desire to become successful and leaving a meaningful legacy.

Have you ever forgotten to wish someone a Happy Birthday or tell your significant other that you love and appreciate them?

Worse yet, almost everyone has heard of horror stories of couples where one or the other spouse has forgotten an anniversary! EGADS!

I can’t tell you how much I love my wife and how terrible she would feel if I forgot our anniversary and to be honest, I, personally, would feel terrible if I forgot to tell my angel how much I love and appreciate her sharing her life with me.

Check out this video and listen to what the people are sharing, I am sure you will be able to relate with them as I did…

But it’s not just about your personal life, it also affects your business life!!!

When was the last time you reached out to your customers and just said Thank You?

When was the last time you told them you appreciate them and you thank them for their business?

Relationship marketing is more important than ever in this day and age and it is critically important for you to stay in touch with your customers, prospects and don’t forget your vendors!

You Must Tell Them You Appreciate Them And Thank Them For Their Business!

I will go into more detail about Relationship Marketing and how it affects your business (both positively and negatively) in other posts, but for now I just want you to take a moment to think if you could do better at staying in touch…

It is time to tell that special someone that you care about them. Reach out to that family member or friend that you haven’t spoken to in ages and say ‘Hello, I was thinking of you. How are you?’.

Here’s to your success,

P.s. Here’s a short video that goes into a little more detail and has some examples addressing exactly what I wrote about above. This little video has not just helped me in business, but it has improved my personal life too! Go watch the video right now and please reach out and say ‘Hello’ to someone…


How I get fired up, motivated, energized and raring to go when I start my day.

How I get fired up, motivated, energized and raring to go when I start my day.

I have been asked quite a few times lately how I start my day and was accused to tapping into energy drinks and those little energy shots to get as pumped as I am and I wanted to address that, because it’s far from the truth.

As Training Manager by day and father, husband, author, coach and business consultant at all other times, I lead a very varied and exciting life that rarely gets boring. There’s always something going on that is keeping me on my toes and makes for long days and nights.

I am not always pumped and motivated when I first get up, quite frankly, one of the most evil inventions ever made in my opinion is the alarm clock.

So I figured I would share how I get started in the morning (I get up waaaay early, before the roosters. Heck, I am the one that wakes up the roosters lol)…

First things first, a nice, hot shower gets the body loosened up and ready to go. I suffer from Sleep Apnea and so far corrective surgeries and other methods of dealing with that haven’t helped much, so the quality of sleep I get is rather crappy. The heat and soothing shower just helps me to get tense muscles loose and helps me clear my head of those morning cobwebs.

After I get everything else done, a nice cup of coffee to take with me on the road-trip to the office, I find myself listening to some news headlines on two different radio stations, we have to keep up with what is happening after all.

But then it starts to get interesting….

Since my drive is over an hour each morning, I have time to listen to something to clear my mind, focus my thoughts and grow personally. Quite often, I will listen to something from John Maxwell or Anthony Robbins or I will work on a specific self development area that I am focused on. For example, recently I have been listening to David Allen’s ‘Making It All Work’ and Joe Vitale’s ‘The Key’. Listening to empowering, motivating audio books really helps my head get clear for the day.

After that, I tend to switch over to some tunes…

Something that is going to pump my body, mind and spirit up. Personally, since my musical tastes vary so greatly, it isn’t always the same thing, but lately, I’ve been listening more and more to some of my favorite electronica and house style tunes, for example Deadmau5, CosmiGate, Skrillex, etc. These tunes give the woofer in the trunk a real work out and get my heart pumping too, allowing my blood to flow  🙂

Once I get to the office, I am READY TO GO!

As the Training Manager, I am not just teaching some specific job skills, but I do have to motivate, inspire and coach, so I need to be on my A-Game and this proven formula rarely fails to get me RARING TO GO!

One of my colleagues once said that what and how I do is amazing, because most trainers, speakers and coaches may do a weekend seminar, but I am up there 5 days a week, for about 9 to 10 hours keeping trainees pumped, focused and motivated while also teaching them how and what it takes to be successful.

Well, I got to the office a little early so I wanted to share this little secret with you (and yes, now and then during the day I might enjoy an energy drink, but it’s not as often as I’ve been accused of lol  🙂 )

Have an absolutely empowered day,


Black And White Or Color Pic? It Looks Like It May Be Time For A Makeover.

Black And White Or Color Pic? It Looks Like It May Be Time For A Makeover.

For some time now I have been wondering about the picture you see to the right and if I should go ahead and update it.Xavier Nelson

Today, with all of the changes I made to the blog to try and improve loadspeed and the experience for you when you visit, I guess I have entered a ‘Spring Cleaning’ mode and some of my friends have also been helping test a bit and the comment came up too about the black and white headshot.

To be honest, the reason I used it is because it’s just a fun shot, but it’s getting time to probably look into getting some professional shots done again, been too long.

But for right now, I think it’s time to change things up just a little again  🙂

So in just a few minutes, this picture will disappear…. poof… (well, I guess it will still be part of this blog post lol, it will disappear from the top of the blog).

Hmmm… I don’t know however, someone once told me I should do one of those professional glamor shots a try and use that for my upcoming books, but is that who I really am???

Something to ponder…



Free Video Outlines 3 Weird Tricks That Can Make Or Break You

Free Video Outlines 3 Weird Tricks That Can Make Or Break You

Some people have been claiming that this video is controversial, but to be honest I don’t think it’s really that.

I do think that the info my buddy covers is really valuable, especially if you’ve been online for any length of time trying to not just make a couple of bucks but actually create a lasting business for yourself and for your family.

What does it really take to build a massive online business from scratch?

You may be surprised, but it really isn’t that hard, but all too often the information overload that you are bombarded with is enough to distract anyone (myself included) from succeeding and seeing your goals and dreams become a reality.

I have been there, I have done that and I was successful and then I let it all BLOW UP IN MY FACE!

It can happen, to the best people, and it can happen really quickly before you even realize it.

Here’s a video that outlines what it REALLY takes to build a massive online business from scratch…

During this short presentation my friend Lee outlines the BRUTAL TRUTH why most beginner marketers DON’T make even one cent online.

You may be surprised however when you find out what it takes.

BUT if you want to discover how to build a SEVEN FIGURE online business from scratch in the shortest time possible then click here to check out his video right now.

Here’s to your success,

P.S. If you’ve been looking for a COPY AND PASTE system for making money online then you’ll certainly want to check this video out.
Just make sure you pay close attention to the three weird tricks he outlines in the video. They’re different but POWERFUL so go watch them right here, right now

Words Of Wisdom Worth A Second Thought now available on Kindle and Free in the Kindle Owner’s Library

Words Of Wisdom Worth A Second Thought now available on Kindle and Free in the Kindle Owner’s Library

After some hiccups and challenges to get my bookWords Of Wisdom Worth A Second Thought converted to a digital format for Kindle and some of the other readers, the first hurdle has been overcome and it is now available on Amazon’s Kindle as well as the Kindle Apps on your tablet or phone of course too. Words Of Wisdom Worth A Second Thought by Xavier T. Nelson

I thought it was pretty cool the way they tie the pages of the Paperback (Print) version and the Kindle Edition and even share the reviews (have you added your review yet? I appreciate your feedback and reviews) between the two pages.

If you visit the page for ‘Words Of Wisdom Worth A Second Thought’ you can read a free preview right there on the page or switch to the Kindle Edition with ease.

Special note for Kindle Owners…

Borrow this book for free, with no due dates, if you are a Kindle owner and Prime member. You can borrow this book from your Kindle device.

With Prime, Kindle owners can choose from thousands of books to borrow for free — including over 100 current and former New York Times Bestsellers.

You can also download a sample to read for free on your Kindle or through your Kindle App  🙂

I am so excited and already busy working (aside from the improvements here on the blog) on my next book designed to help you succeed (more on that soon).

For now, go grab either the Paperback or Kindle Edition of ‘Words Of Wisdom Worth A Second Thought’ and enjoy…

Here’s to your success,


Continuing Our Look At Visions and Vision Statements Plus An Awesome Music Video Example

Continuing Our Look At Visions and Vision Statements Plus An Awesome Music Video Example

In the last post I shared with you how important it is to not just wish and dream but to become more concrete about what you are trying to achieve by setting solid goals in writing and to also include your vision, the ‘Why Do You Do What You Do’.

As I mentioned, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy and it is probably best if you just write down, or let it flow from your heart because it will be more powerful and carry that much more meaning for you.

I even shared the video with you, while a scripted, corporate Vision Statement, embodies just that. You can feel exactly what he is passionate about and why he is so energized and motivated when he gets up in the morning to start a new day (in case you missed it, that video is here).

Remember, your Vision Statement can be for the goals and dreams you would like your company to achieve, but you can and should also have a Personal Vision Statement.

The company however went even further, as you can see in the video below and has put out some really cool songs (the video is pretty snazzy too) that express in music and lyrics what they stand for and what their vision is. As a matter of fact the lyrics were written by the very same CEO you saw on the other video.

I hope you like the video and the song too and if you do, please share it with your friends!

With that said, enjoy the music video example of a powerful Vision Statement…


I hope these two examples will inspire you to create your own Vision Statement and help you reach for new heights and exciting new milestones on your journey!

Here’s to your success,

P.s. In the interest of full disclosure, I have a vested interest in the success of the video you see on this page, because I am involved with the company. But again, I am sharing the video with you more as a really good example than anything else. However, if you do wish to know more about what you see, please don’t hesitate to let me know (or you can click the little envelope right at the bottom of the page).