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Month: December 2011

Growing Old Is Inevitable. Growing Up Is Optional! New, Free Helpful Audiotip and Post for you…

Growing Old Is Inevitable. Growing Up Is Optional! New, Free Helpful Audiotip and Post for you…

So I got up this morning and stopped by Facebook and saw a picture had been added, supposedly of myself.

Curiosity got the better of me and I went to check it out and this is what I found…

Growing Old Is Inevitable - Growing Up Is Optional

Hmmm… interesting…

Along with it was the comment that anyone who knew me was well aware that this was the truth and a good description of me.

At that moment I had to laugh, I just couldn’t help it, simply because it is so true  🙂

But it also gave me something to think about and there’s a really good life and success lesson in there as well.

You see, when we were kids, we thought everything was possible and that nothing could stop us from doing what we wanted to do. No one could tell us (at least we didn’t believe them) that we were too young, too little, none of that mattered. We did daring things just because we knew in our heart that we could do it.

And that’s that…

So what happened? That child-like innocence may have been lost along the way, but there is value in growing older as well (no, I don’t have full Peter Pan syndrome). We start to grow wiser with age (hopefully).

So listen in as I discuss Growing Old and Growing Up in this free audio cast and remember to have fun being a kid  🙂


Here’s to your success,


Is It Time To Work On Your Personal Development?

Is It Time To Work On Your Personal Development?

It’s that time of year again, where a lot of us sit down and think about all the things we wanted to do over the past year, all the things we should have done, all the things we could have done, etc, etc, etc.

And of course, ultimately this ends up leading to:


Who hasn’t made statements like that? Every year millions upon millions of people decide on to do something new, something different, something better with their lives and of course we also know what ends up happening in most of the cases…

A few short weeks later, those resolutions are GONE, DONE and FORGOTTEN!

Well, if you feel that this is a good time (and it really is a great time) to continue working on your own personal growth and self-development, then I really would like you to go take a look at this page here!

You’ll find a total of 84 Personal Development Reports (plus some very nice bonuses) waiting for you right now.

In these reports you will discover:

  • How to Change Your Beliefs
  • The One Technique That Will Double Your Productivity
  • 3 Questions That Could Change Your Life
  • Discover the Magic Inside of You
  • How to be More Focused
  • How to Change Your Thoughts
  • How to Master Your Emotions
  • Master Your Eye Contact Skills
  • How to Be More Lucky
  • How to Be Confident
  • How to GOYA
  • Learn the Thoughts That Hold You Back in Life
  • + So much more

I’ll give you some more info and also share some helpful tips of my own in upcoming posts, so keep your eyes open.


Here’s to your success,



6 Core Sections Plus 5 Powerful Bonuses Make This A Complete No-Brainer

6 Core Sections Plus 5 Powerful Bonuses Make This A Complete No-Brainer

Before I even write anything about this Complete No-Brainer, I am going to let someone else share their own experience…

(you can read it for yourself right here)

“Long story made real short, I got a call 3 days ago to put a site on page 1 from a local web developer and landed a contract to seo 10 different websites……$1000.00/website+150.00 recurring monthly/website. ($10,000 plus $1,500 recurring)

Thats some serious revenue….”

What more can I say?

Well, I can also tell you that what you read above, the testimonial is based on the results one person had from using the information contained in just one of the 6 Core Sections that are included in this incredible package.

And that’s not even touching or talking about the 5 Powerful Bonuses that round this out to be a Complete No-Brainer!

Enough said, head over right now and check it out for yourself by clicking here

Here’s to your success,


Free, No-Optin Video – What Can You Do In 365 Days? What Can You Accomplish In Just One Instant?

Free, No-Optin Video – What Can You Do In 365 Days? What Can You Accomplish In Just One Instant?

I am not really big on videos unlike some of my friends and maybe that’s something I need to work on for the new year.

It’s such a great way to share helpful information and tips with you, but of course there are also a ton of really funny ones out there too  🙂

Either way, I decided to ‘dabble’ a little bit and compiled this video for you last night and I hope you like it (please add your comments and feedback below).

The key thing I wanted to accomplish is to share with you briefly some important thoughts about what you might be able to do in just 365 short days or what you might be able to accomplish in just an instant, if you really put your mind to it and make the choice!

For example, I never thought I could even put together a movie like this (and yes, I did have some help – thank you Ronnie at but I did it nonetheless.

What Will You Do This Year To

Make Your Life AMAZING???



Here’s to your success,

P.s. Please make sure to share this video with your friends and let’s work together to help everyone have an incredible year  🙂
… and don’t forget to add your comments, thoughts and feedback below …


Secret Angels and Layaway Angels continue to spread good cheer… What are you doing to help others?

Secret Angels and Layaway Angels continue to spread good cheer… What are you doing to help others?

More and more news reports are appearing about Secret Santas and so-called Layaway Angels this holiday season.

Some people believe they must be rich and wealthy but the reality is not all of them are.

Quite honestly, a lot of them just have a little bit extra and they feel strongly enough about the season of giving and helping others that they feel compelled to act.

What about you?

Even if you are dead broke there are things you can do to make someone’s day special (and it doesn’t just have to be during the christmas season).

For example, you could just leave a note on someone’s desk at work and thank them for all they do.
Perhaps a visit to a retirement community to share time with those that are lonely, or giving a helping hand at a community project could be something you can do.

Whatever you decide to do, do something to make someone else’s life just that little more special and you will find that it is extremely invigorating and can give also so much in return personally.

Here’s to your success,

What do you tell people about your business?

What do you tell people about your business?

I came across a very helpful article today that I will share with you in a moment, but I wanted to add some food for thought for you first…

The article below is really geared toward businesses pitching their ideas for services and products to Venture Capitalists, but I think the 4 key questions that are referenced are great for any business.

Let me ask you, what do you tell people you and your business do when asked?

All too often I hear hem-hawing, ackward pauses and then something that starts with ‘Well, you see…’.

That’s not an answer and unfortunately it can often severly impact that vital first impression.

I was always taught that you need to explain your business in about 30 to 60 seconds. About the time an elevator might take between floors.

And your ‘Elevator Pitch’ can make all the difference when you are meeting new prospects or trying to get an introduction to your business across and time is of the essence.

At conferences for example, it is not uncommon to find a lot of people gathering to network and exchange ideas or striking deals.

How effective do you think you will be in that busy environment if you are stumbling to answer as simple as a question like: ‘What do you do?’

With that said, head on over to and check out the 4 key questions you should be able to answer in 60 seconds or less.

Here’s to your success,

Random Thoughts On One Of Those Days…

Random Thoughts On One Of Those Days…


Have you ever had ‘One Of Those Days’?

I am sure you have, who hasn’t???

Sometimes I do listen a little to the voices in my head as they mutter little things.

Only sometimes however as they often are just junk and gibberish that is just going to make things worse.

Other times however, there are nuggets of wisdom that come through. Things to help me get back on track and things that won’t allow me to give up the fight!

Here are a few I think you’ll enjoy from today’s conversation with myself:

“Life is too precious to waste time! Don’t waste mine!” ~ Xavier T. Nelson


“I’m too old to waste time. I have things to do, places to see and dreams to achieve!” ~ Xavier T. Nelson

And as I’ve talked about before, sometimes the little things that drive us nuts are just not worth the effort:

“My time is too valuable to spend worrying about nonsense! There are better things to invest my time in!” ~ Xavier T. Nelson

I hope these little thoughts help you too and I encourage you to post your own thoughts and comments as well.

Here’s to your success,
Xavier extends special discounts for Christmas time deliveries. extends special discounts for Christmas time deliveries.


Are you using these promotional offers to save more money and also help you make more money???

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Hey everyone…

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Of course Amazon is not the only one offering special deals like that, so make sure to take advantage of them when you see them.

I like it when I can save more money and make more money all at the same time 🙂

Don’t you?

Here’s to your success,