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Did you get the free audio gift I shared yet? Why Not? It helps you in just 7 short minutes, so go listen now.

Did you get the free audio gift I shared yet? Why Not? It helps you in just 7 short minutes, so go listen now.

The other day I sent you a powerful audio called the “Core Energy Technique”.

Use this technique to RELEASE ANY unwanted thought, feeling or belief in just 7 minutes.

Go listen to this free audio by clicking here…

In fact, this technique can do A LOT MORE for you than that. And since the response to this has been so amazing, I want to tell you a bit more about it.

People have been using this to release just about EVERY negative emotion you can imagine — stress, anxiety, anger, sadness and depression…

You name it. This technique WILL help you release it.

AND the more often you listen to it, the powerful it becomes.

BUT… there’s even more to it than that…

Have you ever felt unsure of yourself or confused about a situation in your life? Of course you have — we ALL feel like that sometimes!

Well, you can use the Core Energy Technique to INSTANTLY connect with Source whenever you want to.

From this place of connection, the confusion begins to disappear. You find yourself coming from that place of clarity. You know the right thing for you here and now. Sound good?

Listen to the free audio for yourself here…

Imagine being able to do this throughout your day. How would your life change for the better?

Now, at this point you might be wondering where does this come from?

Well, the guy who created this is a certified holistic fitness trainer and meditation instructor.  His name is Kevin Schoeninger and he has over 30 years experience teaching busy people how to find lasting happiness and inner peace.

Kevin has studied many, many practices and disciplines that work over the years and this audio is like condensing over 30 years of deep insight into a 7-minute exercise that really works.

I cannot recommend this to you highly enough.  Go listen to the free audio here, it’s free – so what do you have to lose?

And more importantly, make sure you DO THIS several times so you make it your own.  It can literally transform the quality of your life forever.

Here’s to your success,

P.S. Are you ready to take a break from stress?  Are you ready to connect with your joy, your passion?  Well, go listen and enjoy this for 7 minutes.

Today is one of those days I need to heed my own advice! AAAARRRRGGGHHH…

Today is one of those days I need to heed my own advice! AAAARRRRGGGHHH…

Yes, I want to scream!

But I am trying to look at things from all sides.

Here’s what is going on…

It seems a couple of people are hell-bent on driving me insane today at every single opportunity. So much so that I am at the point where I have to ask myself is it worth it and should I just move on.

That is on top of what feels like a million fires and emergencies that are demanding my attention and keeping me from being productive.

Well, that already helped. Just summarizing into a short statement already makes it all look a lot less serious or monumental than it feels.

Taking the moment to write about it here (or if you prefer your private journal) can help you put things a bit more into perspective.

Yes, I still want to scream, but maybe not quite so loudly and violently anymore.

My next step will be to take a closer look at what is happening with the 2 individuals and I have to wonder in one case if that person just doesn’t mean it and is having a bad day themselves. The other one is being a pain and I won’t change that and knowing that helps me too because hey, if I can’t change it there’s no point fretting over it. I need to accept that fact and move on to handle the things that are truly important today.

Yes, I do feel a bit better as I sit here and go over the things on mind and share the summaries here…

I also know I need to control my stresslevels, we all know stress can kill (or at least harm you a lot), so is it worth losing my hair over or allowing myself to get my blood pressure up and letting this insanity affect my health?
Do I want my chest pain to get even worse than it already is today?

No, it is not and I refuse to let it affect me or my health!

So from here I will continue to disect and analyze and properly prioritize what needs my attention right now and handle that.

I am sure by the end of the day things will be better and if not then I know a good night’s rest will bring a new dawn and a new day I can look forward to with excitement.

How do I know that? Because I say so! Because I am expecting it to be so!

By setting my intention firmly like this I am ensuring I send the right vibes into the universe so that it may bring me what I already know it will.

Thank you for sharing this moment with me and I hope what I shared can also help you in the days and weeks to come.

Here’s to your success,

I just watched Mike Wesely’s incredible story of challenges and change

I just watched Mike Wesely’s incredible story of challenges and change

Wow, it may seem like just a simple interview but when you watch Mike’s story and listen to what happened as he just walked a short distance to the end of his driveway you can’t help but feel humbled.

Sure, I am dealing with my own challenges and problems, aren’t we all, however listening to Mike share his story makes me greatful for my life and appreciate the simple things in life even more.

Mike attributes a lot of the incredible transformation since that fateful day to Zna Trainer and her break-through program and you definitely should go visit her site here and listen to what Mike shares.

Be grateful and thankful for what you have in life and be appreciative for the simple ability to be able to draw a breath.

Take today for example…

Recently I went through a battery of cardiac testing, they even turned me into a glow-in-the-dark hamster on a treadmill and according to the docs my heart is strong and healthy. I went because I was experiencing some rather severe pains.

What they did find is damage in the chest-wall lining (or some such thing) like a muscle tear, that you can’t do anything about but rest and take anti-inflammatories for.

Oh and if I behave and take it easy my recovery will take 3 to 6 months. But otherwise everything is great.

So they say…

Why is it then that when I feel increasingly stressed my chest starts to hurt massively, I can barely breathe and nothing I do seems to get it under control?

Why is it then that when I take a deep breath (I breathe rather shallow, a reflex to pain) that I get shooting pains (that was explained that it expands the chest and that pulls on the damaged lining)?

I can understand not overly exerting myself and taking it easy, but when stresslevels rise and the adrenaline starts pumping I shouldn’t be feeling any chest pains…

At least that’s what I think and hey, I am not a doctor, but I do listen to my body and something isn’t right!

Anyway, I guess the point of my story there is that even with that going on this morning again, I am extremely thankful for what I have and the love I feel shared with me. I am also thankful for all the wonderful people in my life who I can share my love and care with.

Take a moment to tell someone you care 🙂

Then go watch Mike Wesely’s story and be inspired (and check out how Zna Trainer can help you too).

Here’s to your success,

If you want 1,000 new, paying members for your membership site then you need to watch this free video right now!

If you want 1,000 new, paying members for your membership site then you need to watch this free video right now!

That’s right, in this free video you will be able to actually watch it happen.

My friend Jimmy has taken everything he shares and teaches about creating powerful, yet simple membership sites and created a video he will let you access for free.

The video runs about 1 hour and 13 minutes and is packed with tons of ‘meat and potatoes’ content you are going to love.

Not only will you see how he created 1,000 paying members for a membersite, he didn’t use any special pre-launch formula or ‘guru’ marketers to help him promote this site.

Better than that, he hit the 1,000 member mark in just 2 short weeks. All paying members! And he didn’t just do this once…

He Did This Three (yep, 3) Times Already!

But don’t worry, if you don’t have a membership site, he will also help you by showing you literally how you could have your first one up and running THIS WEEK!

Then you can apply all of the other information he shares in this free video to help you get all the new and paying members you can handle.

During this free video presentation you’ll discover…

  • How to get 1,000 cash-in-hand, paying subscribers for your membership site even if you don’t have “guru” friends to help you with a “product launch”.
  • How to setup your own membership site in just 2 days if you don’t already have one of your own.  (His wife, who has absolutely ZERO experience setup one by following this simple plan … he’ll show you how.)

Again, you can grab all of the details and begin watching the video immediately by clicking right here.
Here’s to your success,

P.s. He has also prepared a downloadable PDF guide for you.  It’s a “fill-in-the-blanks” guide to help you make the most of the video. Grab it and watch the video now!


Try This Free Audio Gift – IT WORKS And Can HELP YOU!

Try This Free Audio Gift – IT WORKS And Can HELP YOU!

Today I have an excellent free audio gift for you.

It shows you how to release any unwanted thought, feeling or belief by working on negative emotions
like anxiety, anger, depression and guilt.

It also works when you feel stuck in a limiting belief like “I’m not worthy” or “It’s impossible”.

Best of all, you can use the “Core Energy Technique” to connect with your heart and your true purpose.

Go listen to this free helpful audio by clicking here…

Here’s to your success,

P.S. This is one of the those things that you just HAVE to experience for yourself.
Let me know what you think after you listen to this powerful free audio here – post your comments!


Are you using this free tool to increase your income yet? Grab this free gift right now.

Are you using this free tool to increase your income yet? Grab this free gift right now.

I wanted to share this with you real quick, so I am not going to write a whole lot about it, especially because there is an excellent video that explains exactly what this awesome free gift can do to help you increase your revenue and income.

The video is very clear on how it will help you and it isn’t a long one, so do yourself a favor and watch this video right now, download your free gift and start using it to make more money!

Simple enough, right?
Here’s to your success,

P.s. Told you I was going to keep it short. Go watch the video to see how this free gift will help you generate more income and download the free gift now!


A plugin that gives you instant content AND access to instant commissions? Is this for real or a load of…

A plugin that gives you instant content AND access to instant commissions? Is this for real or a load of…

Alright, so I was doing some research last night (this, that and the other thing) and I came across this page that was talking about a ‘whoop-de-doo’ plugin for WordPress that would help me make some more bucks.

Ok, so I like making more money, who doesn’t?

So I kept reading on and then something caught my eye and got me rather intrigued…

Not only is this an easy to use plugin for WordPress (setup takes about 5 minutes), but it does so much more.

I have tried and tested a number of ‘plugins’ and widgets over the years to help me generate more revenue but frankly most just haven’t stood the test of time.

One of my favorite services I used to use on EVERY site I created was built by my friend David Perdew and unfortunately he shut it down as he began working on even bigger and better things (and I am DEFINITELY looking forward to those, David always MASSIVELY over-delivers – hint, hint David… Get Busy lol  🙂 ).

In the meantime however, I lost a revenue stream that really did well for me.

Not only that, I had tested out a  few others and they either slowed my site down frightfully or didn’t work half the time, if at all and then there were those that you essentially had to be a Rocket Scientist to use and well, we all know I am not that smart  🙂

I like working smart, and not working hard (when I can avoid it – hey, who doesn’t?)…

So back to this plugin I came across. What I saw intrigued me enough that I did a little digging to find some reviews, comments and feedback on other sites about this new tool.

I was pleasantly surprised at what I read, enough so to go back to the main page and read through it again (yes, I have become more and more picky).

Alright, so here’s the skinny…

Not only does this plugin allow you to generate more revenue by helping you grow your affiliate business, but it also gives you access to instant commissions.

The plugin ties into affiliate platforms like Clickbank, RAP, PayDotCom, DigiResults and more. While you’ll have to wait for your Clickbank checks, RAP and DigiResults for example will create instant commissions and can possibly also create an immediate surge of money for you. PayDotCom you have to normally wait until the end of the month to get your commissions sent over.

But what I really liked (aside from the quick 5-minute setup and the access to instant commissions) is that it helps me grow my content.

Yep, it adds additional informative posts to any blog you use it on and these are not some cruddy ‘bot’ articles, but articles written by HUMAN BEINGS and it integrates your affiliate link directly for you.

You can choose from a number of settings, such as how often you want it to check for new articles, or if you want to review the posts before they go live (great if you already created a competing product and you’d rather focus on your own offer) or just let them go and post live.

It looks good to the search engines too of course because you are adding more content to your site, but I would highly suggest that you continue to add your own unique content to your blog as well, don’t just rely on any tool, no matter how good, to do it all for you – the results could be disastrous.

So, my personal opinion…

This is definitely something you should take a very close look at and if it’s a good fit for you, then you should get this now, take 5 minutes and get it set up and running on your sites.

More content, instant commissions and a set-it-and-forget-it aspect make this plugin a winner in my books.
Here’s to your success,

P.s. Once you set it up on your site, let me know how you like it and make sure to check out the reseller option that is available too.


Have you set up a membership site yet? This helpful article outlines ‘7 Ways To Find Membership Site Ideas’ for you.

Have you set up a membership site yet? This helpful article outlines ‘7 Ways To Find Membership Site Ideas’ for you.

Membership sites are a great way to leverage your efforts. They allow you to do your work one-time and continue to benefit from it for months and years to come.

You can combine the best of listbuilding, affiliate marketing and residual, passive income with membership sites, but there is a major draw-back to them.

One, they take quite a bit of work to get started and maintain (although I have a MASSIVE shortcut for you at the end of the article).
Two, well, how do you even get started, or what should your membership site be about?

Alright, so today I am going to answer #1 at the end of this helpful article and well, #2 will be answered in the article itself  🙂


7 Ways To Find Membership Site Ideas

~ By Jimmy D. Brown

Once you find an idea for your membership site, there’s a specific process you can follow to get it launched.

SIDEBAR:  If you’d like more information on setting up a membership site in less than 48 hours, visit Jimmy’s power-packed resource site by clicking here.

Fortunately, there’s also a simple process that you can follow to get ideas for your membership site. If you’re unsure how to begin and are stuck for ideas, try out these tips. Your next membership site may not be that far away.



Begin by brainstorming your own life.  Get personal! Creating your membership site is going to be much easier if you know a little bit about the market. That’s why it’s a great idea to start your ideas list with hobbies, interests and activities from your own life. Write down everything that you and your family members are passionate about or interested in. This list could be a goldmine for your membership site.


Ebook and video course creators have done a lot of niche market research in order to create their products. You can piggyback on this research specifically by keeping an eye on “product launches”. For example, if you see a lot of products being produced on article marketing you can safely assume that a membership site on the same topic would do well. Subscribe to email lists in your potential market to watch for product launches and get ideas for your site.


Persuse means “to examine in detail”.  It also begins with “p” so it fits my outline.
If you want a comprehensive list of existing electronic products that are selling well, is the place to go. Search through the marketplace to find out what topics your market is interested in learning about. You’ll be able to find new market ideas, content to fill your site as well as affiliate offers to create some backend sales.


Visit’s best-seller list.  Amazon is the top bookseller online so it makes sense to search their marketplace for membership site ideas. The bestseller lists in various categories will help you see what topics are popular. You can easily gather membership site ideas from these lists.  Hint:  Go with the topics that are popular.


Forums are the pulse of your market. You can be sure that a market has members that would be willing to pay if there is an active forum dedicated to that topic. Track down some popular forums in your potential market and spend some time browsing through the topics. See what the market is talking about. Pay close attention to the FAQs section and the threads that have a lot of activity.  These are indicators of the kinds of topics which might serve as a topic for your next membership site.


You gotta go to! This website is full of membership site ideas. If a market has a buying audience, there is probably a magazine out there dedicated to it. Magazines don’t get started without advertising dollars to back them up. If advertisers are paying to get to a market, it’s a safe bet that you can create a membership site for the same market. On you can search by category to find membership site ideas.  I love this place!


The final stop I want to mention is Yahoo groups. These free e-mail discussion lists cover a wide variety of topics. Subscribe to a few groups in your potential market to look for ideas. The benefit of using groups like these is that you’ll often be able to see problems in the market that aren’t currently being met by other products.

By going through these simple outlets you are sure to find a great idea for your next membership site.


If you’d like a major shortcut, grab a Membernaire membership.  Once you join, you’ll receive a confidential report with Jimmy’s own “top 20” specific ideas (with detailed explanations of each!) for hot membership site topics.  He’s done all the research for you!  Plus, he’ll show you how to setup a membership site in as little as 48 hours.  All you need is ONE article to get started.  Get all the details by clicking right here and get started creating your own passive income Membership site right now!



Alright, so there you have it, 7 Ways To Find Ideas For Your Membership Site plus an extremely powerful shortcut you can use right now to get your own membership site up and running within 48 hours or less plus Jimmy’s ‘Top 20’ ideas report.

What are you waiting for? Get busy and take action right now!

Here’s to your success,