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Month: June 2011

What are your visitors interested in? Are you giving them what they are looking for?

What are your visitors interested in? Are you giving them what they are looking for?

Having your own website or blog is great, but it’s not the most important thing that will ensure your success.

Some people may tell you that traffic is the most important and while they are not exactly right, it definitely high on the importance-meter.

In my humble opinion it’s the content that is the most important on your site.

After all, if you have a million visitors to your website today, the real question is how long are they staying and reading what you’ve posted or are they taking the action you want them to, for example are they buying the product you are offering or promoting or are they signing up for your newsletter?

What good does it do to have a million visitors if the average time they spend on your site is 5 seconds and the bounce rate is 99% (meaning they left your site)?

Instead you need to know why your visitors came to your site and give them what they are looking for…

High-quality content that provides answers to their questions!

Let me give you an example…

My angel and I are preparing to celebrate our anniversary and I was curious as to ‘what’ anniversary this year is. Each year is associated with different things, like paper, iron, diamonds etc.

So I headed to google and punched in a search for the meaning of this year (aside from being blessed with a wonderful wife) and took a look at the results.

The first 2 results claimed to be exactly what I was looking for but neither site answered my question, at least not in such a way that I found the answer to my question within a minute or less and hey, I am busy and in a hurry…

So I bounced, left their sites and moved on to #3 which was not some mile-long page with random info on every anniversary year, but rather a specialized page with a ton of info for this very specific year. I got the answer I was looking for within about 10 seconds.

Providing highly relevant content is important but making it easy on your visitor to find it is also important or they won’t stick around to find it.

Besides, it’s better to break longer content up into bite-size pieces that are quick to devour (meaning quick to read) than have some ultra-long page covering a whole lot of info.
Breaking your content up also helps your rankings in the search engines and that can result in more visitors.

A true win-win situation 🙂

Alright, I hope this success tip helps you too, in the meantime I have to take a moment to think about a really cool gift for my honey that matches our year.

Here’s to your success,

It’s that time…. Grab your gifts right now before this event ends.

It’s that time…. Grab your gifts right now before this event ends.

After dealing with some hiccups and challenges this morning, I can now finally share these excellent free gifts and helpful resources with you 🙂

Every summer my buddy Mike gets a group of our friends together to bring you some of the best gifts of the year.

There is one thing I want you to keep in mind however, and it’s today’s success tip…

If you download it, make sure you use it!!!

We’re all guilty of downloading a lot of things we never end up using. Make a pledge to yourself that you will begin using everything you download going forward. If it’s training, study it. If it comes with rights, use those rights.

Bottomline, don’t let these gifts collect dust!

There are Private Label Rights (with no restrictions), powerful audios, awesome free memberships, a complete ‘done-for-you’ blog and so much more, so grab your gifts now before this giveaway ends (it only runs 10 days).

Here’s to your success,

Here’s how I am ranking according to Alexa as well as a few tips on what I will do to improve my rank that you can use too.

Here’s how I am ranking according to Alexa as well as a few tips on what I will do to improve my rank that you can use too.

How high is your website ranking?

How many other sites are linking to you?

Since I came back and started from scratch (I lost my .com version a few years back already) at the end of last year (2010) I honestly haven’t done all the things I should to achieve a high ranking and thus generating more traffic to my site.

Right now ranks 3,500,000 and only 3 other websites link back to me according to Alexa…

Granted I just started back up again and so far there are only 66 (67 when I publish this one) posts live where the old site had over a thousand pages and posts.

While in the past that would driven me crazy and been cause for distraction, since I have refocused myself when I came back online it’s just another stat to my. Simply a bleep on the radar.

My old .com version, when I still controlled it, ranked a lot higher and had many more incoming links and even now 3 years later it still has 24 incoming links but now only ranks in the top 5 million. The person that locked up my domain was hoping I’d pay a ransom to get it back pretty much and in the meantime enjoyed the benefits of the traffic I built up on it, but frankly made the mistake of not capitalizing on that traffic.

Now I do want to get to rank higher and there are a lot of simple things I could do and by sharing some of them I hope you will use these tips to help your own site rank a bit higher and get more backlinks too (as a matter of fact, if you like this post why not help me get some more backlinks by sharing it on your blog or telling your friends about it? I do appreciate your help!)

So, I guess the 1st thing we can do is to ask our friends and readers to share or link back to our site if they like a particular post. Of course the same is true in reverse, if a friend of mine writes a useful and helpful post then I am going to share it with you here and help my friend too 🙂

Next I could…

* Write articles and submit them to article directories like and include a link back to my site in the resource box. That’s one link back, but as others republish the article on their site that number can quickly climb.

* Write guest posts on other people’s blogs

* Comment on other people’s blogposts. Now I am not talking about comment spamming, but if you read something helpful and valuable, there’s nothing wrong with saying thank you. Or maybe you have extra related information to add or you don’t agree with what was said. A lot of people say that’s a waste of time because of ‘nofollow’ but frankly who cares? Just do it and add more content and if you share more, you also increase your own exposure and reach drawing more people to look you up.

* You can also increase traffic and even backlinks by hosting podcasts (like CinchCast) or running your own radio show and syndicating it through BlogTalkRadio. It has been a few years since my last show on BTR, but that episode still appears syndicated on several sites and also in iTunes.

* Participating in GiveAway Events could be another great way to not just increase the traffic to your site quickly, but also gain more followers and subscribers as well as possibly some more backlinks.

* Likewise running your own affiliate program could not just increase traffic and backlinks although quite honestly most affiliates should cloak those tracking links.

There are a ton of things I can do to improve my traffic and the number of links to my site quickly and rather easily without having to be a traffic guru or technical wizard.

I hope the tips above help you too in your quest to rank higher and get more traffic to your site.

I’ll touch back in a future post and keep you updated on how the site is growing too 🙂

In the meantime why don’t you use my suggestion above about adding comments and share with everyone else how you would increase traffic and your alexa rank (make sure to include your url).

Here’s to your success,

A simple, yet effective plan you can use to make more money and even let it help reduce your stresslevels – Free Audio

A simple, yet effective plan you can use to make more money and even let it help reduce your stresslevels – Free Audio

What’s your plan? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you drowning in stress? Do you even remember what your plan was originally?

When life starts throwing wrenches into the gears of your well-thought out plans and chaos rears its ugly head threatening to swallow you whole it can be very difficult to get things back on track when you feel like everything is spinning out of control.

Here’s a plan you can use to make more money, it’s simple and can reduce stress (as well as a valuable life-tip for you too)…

I hope this free audio helps you regain control and allows you to work on your own plan again soon.

Here’s to your success,

Hot Off The Press – 13 Methods To Build A List Of Over 1 Million Subscribers

Hot Off The Press – 13 Methods To Build A List Of Over 1 Million Subscribers

Ok, before I explain how this ‘Hot Off The Press’ resource can help you, I would like to preface something…

‘Back in the day’ it was not uncommon to be able to earn approximately $1 per subscriber on average when you mailed something out. Then things changed, the numbers dropped lower, it wasn’t worth as much…

A bunch of people started crying wolf and shouting that the sky is falling and that the end of the world was upon us.

What a load of baloney! Total Crap!

The bottomline is that if you build a list and nurture the relationship with your readers by providing valuable content and information, then you can be successful!

You can be successful, that is, if you know how to build a list, grow a list and nurture a list!

And that is exactly where 13 Methods To Grow A List Of Over 1 Million Subscribers comes in.

If you would like to know how YOU can grow, nurture and monetize a list with over 1 Million subscribers and how to keep your readers not just interested but engaged in what you are doing and offering then you NEED to listen to this interview right now!

Here’s to your success,

P.S. Do the math for a moment…
If you grow a list of 1 million subscribers and let’s just say each of them brings in only 50 cents per year…
What if after listening to this interview you learn how to make each subscriber worth 75 cents or even a dollar or more per year??? Go Listen To The Interview Now!

Are you working on improving your life? Here’s what I did today to be healthier and save an extra $2,190 per year.

Are you working on improving your life? Here’s what I did today to be healthier and save an extra $2,190 per year.

Working on self-improvement can be tough, even daunting.

First you have to be frightfully honest with yourself, figure out what you want to improve, prioritize, put together your plan of attack and finally implement it.

Or so you’d think…

There’s one more crucial step that you can’t neglect!


Yep, you need to follow up. You need to continue to resist urges and temptations that will try to lead you astray and back to the bad habit you are working on. You also need to keep an eye on your progress and then reassess, readjust and make any corrections to your plan to ensure you achieve your goals.

Here’s what I did today to become healthier and save an extra $2,190 per year…

As of today I am saving an extra $6/day. That comes out to an extra $180/month or $2,190/ year.

Getting healthier and saving more money, what a winning combination 🙂

I Quit Smoking!

Yep, I am done, finished, schluss aus, finito, basta!

No more stinky clothes, pretty soon no more hacking cough, no more stinky breath, the list goes on and on…

But you know what I thought is pretty cool???

I’m going to have an extra $2,190. I can see adding some of that to the vacation fund, perhaps some into savings and let compound interest do it’s magic. All kinds of things…

I could even start an annual tradition and take the family to Disney every year, I know the kids would love that 🙂

But it gets even better because my angel also has quit, so we’ll be actually saving an extra $4,380 every year!

What could you and your family do with an extra $4,000 per year?

What is your plan to improve your life? When was the last time you checked on the status of your plan? Are you getting closer to your goals?

“Always work on becoming a better you!” ~ Xavier Nelson

Regardless if it’s in your business/professional life or your personal life, there is always room to improve and become healthier, wealthier and wise 🙂

Here’s to your success,

Free – Putting his money where his mouth is to prove his worth.

Free – Putting his money where his mouth is to prove his worth.

Here’s an extremely valuable lesson for you plus a free gift that will help you learn how you could make a cool million as an affiliate marketer.

Let’s start with the lesson…

If you are offering a valuable resource but no one knows you or you haven’t built your brand recognition yet getting testimonials from those you’ve helped is invaluable.

Even if you are an extremely well recognized name like Willie Crawford with a very strong track record of success that spans decades, there is always someone new that hasn’t heard of him, so he doesn’t rely on any fame, but instead provides great value for free, putting his money where his mouth is, to prove his worth to you.

If you are following me on facebook (if not, you should send me a friend request, I share a ton of extra things and insights there) you saw my recommendation for Willie’s insane Affiliate Master training program.

Not only do I recommend Willie and his training, it comes with my highest endorsement. I am fortunate to not only have known Willie for a VERY long time, but am blessed to count him as my friend and mentor.

But it doesn’t matter to Willie how highly I or anyone else recoomends him, he proves his value and worth to you by putting his money where his mouth is.

Are you doing that in your daily life or your business???
You should!

Here’s what Willie just announced to prove his worth…

Not only does his Affiliate Master training come packed with powerful content, it comes with Willie’s guarantee.

Not only are you learning from a real expert, he has laid out the training in an easy to implement way, so you can begin earning right away, while you are learning. He doesn’t dump all of it on you at once.

Not only has he proven what he teaches with sites such as The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, he brings in additional experts all the time to enhance what he is doing and bring you even more value.

Willie is putting his money where his mouth is and showing you he walks the walk, doesn’t just talk the talk!

Think about how you can improve your offering through these kind of enhancements in your own business and you will see remarkable results.

Willie is taking it another step further, to prove that the Affiliate Master training is invaluble by giving away (here comes the gift) access to 5 Ways You Can Make A Million Dollars As An Affiliate Marketer.

So aside from just telling you to grab his course, I recommend getting his gift right now and then after Willie has proven his worth to you, you should absolutely get access to his Affiliate Master training.

At the same time think a bit about how you can use this lesson to improve your bottomline.

Here’s to your success,