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Did you tell your friends about the free gifts yet?

Did you tell your friends about the free gifts yet?

This weekend I spent some time working on the gifts I will be adding to our ‘Cool Gifts To Beat The Summerheat’ at but they are not quite ready yet. It will take me a couple more days but believe me it’s going to be worth your patience.

A couple of my friends like Willie Crawford are also working on theirs but there already are an absolutely awesome collection of gifts waiting for you right now!

So head on over and make sure to tell my friends ‘Thank You’ as you collect their gifts and then make sure to let your friends know too because there are even more cool gifts being added over the next few days.

Here’s to your success,

Quit complaining and think about what you are focused on. Are you sabotaging yourself?

Quit complaining and think about what you are focused on. Are you sabotaging yourself?

Ever get up in the morning after not sleeping so great and then as you stumble around in the darkness, looking to destroy that accursed alarm clock you end up stubbing your toe that makes you start hopping around on one foot?

Next thing you know you trip over a toy the kids left laying around or the dog that’s laying at the foot of the bed (who’s wondering what you are hopping around for) and bump into the door and as you try to grab for the door frame (in vain) to keep from falling over you slowly but surely (you know the slow motion thing that happens) find yourself about to kiss the carpet (did someone just yell ‘Timber’?).

Let me ask you…

How did the rest of your day go?

I would wager more often than not, it turned out to be a tough day, complete with all kinds of challenges and difficulties, right?

Every little thing seems to just agitate us and we can’t seem to shake the ‘funk’ and get back to what makes us happy.

Even if the people around us are happy and opening their arms and their hearts to welcome us in and share in the joy, we turn ourselves away to wallow in our misery sometimes. It’s true, isn’t it?

So what happened? Why can’t we shake it and get back to being happy and dreaming about the future and envisioning what we want to achieve? What makes it so tough for us to everything back on track?

Dale Carnegie said it best in “How To Win Friends And Influence People” when he simply suggested…


Yep, that’s it! So Simple!

Frankly, the scenario I described at the beginning is actually a bit comical, reminds me of an old slap-stick scene with Charlie Chaplin or the 3 Stooges  🙂

Here’s the situation…

The more you complain, talk and think negatively or criticize everything that is going on around you, the more of the same you will receive in return. The more ‘down in the dumps’ you feel, the longer you may stay there and the tougher it most likely will be to get rid of that mindset.

The key here is to try and shake it, stop ‘that stinking thinking’ and allow yourself to become happy again.

The more positively you look at life, the more gratitude you feel towards everything and everyone around you, the more of it you will receive in return.

Simply put, the Law Of Attraction shows us time and time again that the more you are focused on something, the more of it you will receive.

Fill yourself with love, thoughts of abundance, joy, happiness and caring and ultimately you will receive the same in return.

So when you are stuck in that rut one morning after you get back up after you ‘kissed’ the carpet remember it could have been worse. Be happy you didn’t hurt yourself or the poor dog seriously. Allow yourself to think about what it would have looked like if you had a short mustache and a walking cane (or if your name was Larry, Moe or Curly) – yes, it would have been funny.

Look forward to the simple pleasures of that morning cup of coffee or whatever makes you feel good.

Sometimes we are stuck so deep in our negative mindset it may seem that only a miracle can shake us out of it, but even then you can do something to help yourself. Listen to some positive music or read something that makes you feel good and takes you out of the ‘zone’ you were in. You might even stop by YouTube and watch a couple of clips of some motivational material that can help you fix yourself (ok, they don’t always have to be motivational. Laughter is one of the greatest medicines, so go for the funny ones too).  🙂

Take a deep breath (or 10) and allow yourself to feel good about life and you will be on the right track to a great day.
Here’s to your success,


Visualize your success! What if you have trouble visualizing or can’t see what you desire to achieve?

Visualize your success! What if you have trouble visualizing or can’t see what you desire to achieve?

One of the key factors of success (go ahead and ask any successful person) is the ability to see themselves as a success.

I am not talking about after the fact, I am actually referring to the time-period before and during…

To be able to not just achieve success but also draw more success to you, like moths to a flame, you need to be able to see yourself at all times as having already achieved what you desire. During the initial “I’m dreaming about” stage all the way through planning, action and then when you are reaping the rewards.

One problem that comes up now and then however is the visualization itself.

Some people are really good at this step and can just close their eyes, focus their mind for a few moments and not only see (in their mind’s eye) what they have achieved (or will be achieving) but each of the steps needed to get there too.

For some this comes with practice and there are indeed some talented individuals that have received this gift from the cradle.

But for others…

It’s a blank canvas!

No matter how hard they try to focus and see the end-results, no matter how much they meditate or immerse themselves in the thoughts and feelings that come with achieving what they desire they just don’t seem to be able to ‘get it’ or see it and find themselves then floundering and struggling.

And that opens a whole new can of worms…

If you begin to doubt, your vision and your dream become cloudy until they disappear in the mists of the fog as surely as land disappears from view as you sail out from shore.

One thing that can help you overcome this problem is the use of a Vision Board!

A Vision Board can be anything quite honestly. You can put up an elaborate cork board or dry erase board and write all over it and pin pictures on it or you can just start putting up sticky notes all over the place.

You may need to play around a little to see which method works best for you personally.

Start out by putting some sticky notes on the mirror in the bathroom with an inspiring quote or perhaps an affirmation. The refrigerator door works great too or the cabinet door where you keep the coffee, so you see your note each morning as you get your day started  🙂

Another thing you could do is print out images of what you would like to achieve and hang them all over, virtually surround yourself with them. A nice alternative could be a digital photo-frame that will rotate the images you load onto it and you can set one of those smaller ones right on your desk, so it’s right there in front of you all day.

Or you can go all out and put up a full Vision Board with cork area to pin pictures, affirmations and quotes as well as a dry erase section where you can mind-map, plan and document your progress as you work towards achieving your vision and your dream.

Whatever method works for you, go for it! Let your own version of a Vision Board help you stay motivated and focused  🙂

Even if you are one of the gifted that can just purely envision everything in your mind’s eye, having a vision board or something similar will help you all the more, so again… Go For It!
Here’s to your success,


What to do when your mind is a mess and your head is so confused that you don’t know what to do next. Here’s what you do…

What to do when your mind is a mess and your head is so confused that you don’t know what to do next. Here’s what you do…

So here’s what is going on…

I have a mile-long “To Do” list, along with a million things on my mind. Things I want to do, things I should do and things I need to do.

Sound familiar?

Ok, add to that the other “To Do” list, the “Honey-Do” list (grin) and the things you know you should do, like goof off with the kids now and then, spend some special time with your ‘Better Half’ and all the other family/relative related items.

Still sounding familiar? Good, let’s continue…

So you sit there for a moment, thinking about what you should do next and…

POOF – Your Mind Is BLANK!

Ever happen to you? I know it happens now and then to me and today is one of those days and quite frankly it’s not the right day for it to happen.

Why is today the wrong day? Well, because I have all these things I want to accomplish, things I need to accomplish and things I should be doing….

Welcome To The Vicious Circle!

Let me off this Merry-Go-Round please, I have better things to do with my time. Oh wait, no, don’t speed the darn thing up, I want off this thing!!!

Alright, so what do you do? I mean seriously, I am getting dizzy…

Of course you could use all the old methods like just sitting down and writing everything down and prioritizing everything and then getting rolling again, but at times the confusion and chaos in your head can be so extreme it’s downright paralyzing and puts a dead-stop to everything.

Here’s what seems to work for me and I hope it can help you too…


That’s right, step away, take a break and do something completely different to separate yourself from the situation (that is, the chaos in your head). This also works if you are clear on your goals and are indeed focused (not scatter-brained) but are having trouble seeing the next step you need to take to succeed.

It’s really quite simple. Quite often the simplest answers are the best  🙂

For example, I just wrote this post to help express my own frustration about my mind-block that was happening and in the process was able to let me brain just flow through my fingers to the keyboard and let some of it out and now I am a little clearer on what I am going to do next.

My angel also needed a hand with a wood-working project down in the garden (yes, she sometimes lets me play with power-tools hahahaha) and that gave my mind a little extra break to just NOT THINK ABOUT THE CHAOS and gave me an additional opportunity to get off the whirling Merry-Go-Round.

And now I am off to work on some other things I wanted to get done  🙂

Here’s to your success,



Are you giving your readers a chance to share what you’ve written with the world?

Are you giving your readers a chance to share what you’ve written with the world?

I don’t know if you are making the same mistake as I have been, but if so, I hope this will help shed some light on a bit of self-sabotage you may doing to yourself and at the same time give you a chance to fix and correct it so all of your visitors across the globe that like what you are posting have a chance to share it with their friends too.

In the past, on my old blog, I used the ‘more’ tag quite a lot since my posts do have a habit of becoming a little longer. On this new blog I am not doing that, I am letting the posts stand as they are.

Now I don’t think there’s a right or a wrong answer here. I see plenty of big-name blogs that use the ‘more’ tag and just as many that don’t. I think it’s really more of an aesthetic thing if you do, keeps the homepage of your blog all ‘neat and tidy’ but frankly, most of the time I don’t feel like making my visitor ‘click through’ to yet another page just to finish reading what I was sharing.

Sure, I have systems in place that share my actual blog post itself on several sites and ping some of the networks, but looking at my statistics I still get most of my traffic to the homepage of my blog directly instead of any given post itself.


You see, if you click through to any given post’s page, like “Who would be insane enough to offer you a guaranteed extra $100,000 in the next 12 months?” I have added a number of ways for people to like my posts and share, bookmark, email or print them along with leaving comments.


I did not add anything to the homepage entries. The homepage lists a number of the most recent blog posts, in it’s entirety and since most of my traffic comes through the homepage, there’s no reason to click through to a specific blog post and that means that my readers that do like my content didn’t really have a way to help me spread the word if I posted something helpful.

Now there are a number of things you can use to do all of that of course, but ultimately I didn’t want to overload the home page either, so I’ve reconfigured the Digg Digg plugin a little and I think it not only keeps the page still looking ‘neat and tidy’ but most importantly, now it allows you, my friends, my readers and visitors to like and share posts directly from my homepage too.

Well, I hope you like what I did and if you know of any friends that are making the same mistake I was, feel free to share this post with them  🙂

Like I always say, I graduated from the School of Hard Knocks so you don’t have to and I will continue sharing my ‘learning’ experiences along the way  🙂

Here’s to your success,


Why it is important for you to clearly define and picture what you desire in life!

Why it is important for you to clearly define and picture what you desire in life!

Today’s quote from Wallace D. Wattles explains very clearly and effectively why you MUST clearly define what you want to achieve, accomplish and receive in life.

We often ‘wish’ a lot and never get where we ‘wished’ we want to be and that’s simply because wishing alone isn’t going to make it happen.

By clearly defining what you want to achieve, the things you desire out of life and the goals you’ve set for yourself you program your mind and subconcious to start working on the planning to get you where you want to be.

Staying focused on those desires allows your planning architect to come up with many ideas for you, constantly changing your focus and your mind will just confuse it.

“The more clear and definite you make your picture then, and the more you dwell upon it, bringing out all its delightful details, the stronger your desire will be, and the stronger your desire, the easier it will be to hold your mind fixed upon the picture of what you want.”  –  Wallace D. Wattles

So figure out what you want, picture clearly in your mind what you desire and that you have already achieved it and your mind will look for ways to reconstruct how you can get there.

Here’s to your success,

What will you do if you lose your job? Residual income streams may be the right answer and here’s how you can do it for free right now! – Free Help In This Free Audio…

What will you do if you lose your job? Residual income streams may be the right answer and here’s how you can do it for free right now! – Free Help In This Free Audio…

I just posted a new Cinchcast for you.

This Success Tip of the Day can help you generate extra income for tough times ahead and help cut down on a lot of the stress you may have to deal with if you lose your job or can’t make ends meet.

The free audio is at:

Here’s to your success,

P.s. please share this info with others that might benefit and please post your comments, thoughts and feedback.

I get this question time and time again and I hope this answer helps you.

I get this question time and time again and I hope this answer helps you.

Yesterday I told you a little bit about Payday Friday and then being broke Monday.

It definitely struck a chord with some and I know this not just because of the numerous emails I received but also because it ties in to one of the regular questions I get.

I know a lot of families that not just living paycheck to paycheck – they can’t even afford that.

For many it’s a matter of shuffling bills around, which one can I hold off, which one will need to be paid immediately…

Load up on Peanut Butter and Jelly at the Dollar Store and get plenty of Rahmen Noodle soup too (although having lived in Japan I can tell you it’s nowhere near as good as the real thing) so you can make sure there’s at least some food on the table.

Gas prices are soaring and the cost of milk is having many wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just go buy a cow.

More and more people are trying to grow some vegetables of their own and others have taken on at least 1 if not 2 additional part time jobs.

The stress and frustration this can put on anyone is only dwarved by the arguments and strain it puts on the whole family.

That’s one of the reasons I like because it outlines 20 very simple and very effective ways you can generate an extra $100 every day while not taking a ton of your time to do or start reaping the benefits – more money for your family.

This means you can pick any one of the methods, get it rolling while still at home with your family.

During tough times being and staying close together can make a huge difference.

But take a look at the bigger picture…

While you picked one method from to make an extra $100 bucks daily your better half could pick out another method and you could be looking at $200 per day.

Alternatively you could get one method set up and automate it, freeing your time up to go work on another method or spend some extra time with your family. How much could you and your family do with an extra $300 per day on top of your paycheck?

That’s a lot of cash, dough, moolah, scratch, whatever you want to call it!

The bottomline is this…

You need the information at and you need it now!

Here’s to your success,